Skype uses port 80, can’t start XAMPP

Posted on April 23, 2016

Skype, frustratingly, for years now hogs port 80 and 443.

To fix this, Skype -> Tools -> Options -> Advanced Options -> and uncheck “Use port 80 and 443 for incoming connections.” I remapped mine to a different port, although I’m not sure what for — port 80 and 443 have never, ever been available in all of the years that I have used Skype. My webserver and dev server have always listened on that port. I don’t really understand why Skype needs to listen on a port for incoming connections, I can only assume it’s probably for file transfers and nothing else.

Additionally, if you want to figure out what’s hogging any port on Windows, you can always use netstat:

netstat -a -o -n

Get the process ID of who is listening on, then:

tasklist /FI “PID eq PID_HERE”

Thankfully XAMPP and some other WAMP applications are now telling users what service is taking up port 80, but you won’t always have this ability and that’s where the cli comes in handy. :)