Resume Forum Hosting (11 years) Business Owner
• Designed, developed, and deployed features for the service and community based resources.
• Creating and tweaking GUIs for administration, moderation, and user control panels.
• Listened to customers and tailored services to their specific needs; improved software.
• Strong customer support skills – via forums, tickets/private message, and live chat.
• Worked with, and managed a support team to assist customers with their needs.
• Large scale management with thousands of customer forums in a MySQL database.
• Ability to write clear, easy to understand step-by-step documentation; wiki management.
• Configuration, maintenance and custom applications for Apache, PHP, MySQL.
• Successfully deployed anti-spam from botnets and DDoS mitigation solutions.
• System administration of Red Hat Enterprise Linux based systems such as CentOS, Debian.
• Patched software tested for SQL injections + other exploits
• Experienced in PHP security: server side and software; auditing for remote exploits.
• Planned, coordinated, and successfully executed mass-movement to new server platforms
• Mobile development – Custom web-based solution working for all smart phone platforms.
• Worked with the PayPal API for payments, billing and automatic purchases for services.
• Legal issue management: DMCA compliance, writing solid terms-of-service and sale.
• SmoothWall, m0n0wall, openBSD configuration for network monitoring and management.
• Strong understanding of the importance of community suite solutions for businesses + users.
• VMWare server and workstation; used for development and production purposes.

Bergen Community College
AS, Computer Science, 3.6 GPA
Developed the website for Bergen’s STEM club at

Montclair State University
BS, Information Technology, 3.2 GPA (current, in progress)