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Hello world!

Posted on August 4, 2014 Comments


Not the first blog I’ve ever created, but the first post of this blog itself. I have a habit of creating a blog and then neglecting it – but this time will be different! The skin is very plain and is based on a minimalist template I found on wordpress.org – I didn’t want anything fancy, just something that would be pleasant to read and easy to navigate. I’m still going to do a few modifications to it here and there. There’s an about page. which I’ll probably be editing too because it’s hard to write about yourself and your skills without sounding a little pompous.

The domain Cuppi.net has been sitting around for a long time for the purpose of creating a blog like this. A a friend of mine started their own blog today so you could say that it inspired me to finally not be lazy and start my own. Oh, and I said we should be blog buddies… but it didn’t go over so well.

<jcink> so here’s how this will work… we’ll both maintain blogs, and remind each other NOT TO BE LAZY
* jcink grabs sporks head and gives him a nuggie
* spork985 backs away


We’ll see where this goes!