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Got my FreedomCase for Surface Pro 2

Posted on August 26, 2014 Comments

I have never felt quite comfortable walking around with my Surface Pro 2 tablet ever since I purchased it earlier this year. I get a little nervous just holding it in my hand walking through the parking lot at college. Why wouldn’t I? It’s an expensive device to replace, and dropping it the wrong way can be fatal because it’s difficult to repair. The outer Surface case is built quite strong, but the gorilla glass is still easily cracked. Even if the glass doesn’t break, the casing will become all scratched up and destroyed if it hits the pavement/ground/whatever. So, I searched for a case to help resolve that and discovered FreedomCase. Unfortunately, the product did not exist at the time and had to be kickstarted. I placed a preorder and had been waiting since then.


FreedomCase packaging!

To my surprise, it arrived in the mail today. It took over 5 months for the case to be delivered because they had various shipping delays and quality control issues. I stopped paying attention to the saga surrounding it figuring I’d probably never see it. I’m glad they came through and delivered. At least my Surface isn’t broken from not having a case till now – and it came just in time too for the next semester. I uploaded a video of the case showing off the new angles you get as well as  how it works with the keyboard.  The new angles are great for sitting on a couch as well as taking notes, which is really all that Surface Pro 2 was missing.

The quality is superb. I should add that mine is the more expensive leather version. The only downside is that it adds bulk – but hey, it’s case. Overall, it’s great, I’m happy with it. Also, I’ve changed gears just a bit on the blog with this post as my first tech-related review that isn’t a programming/server administration tutorial. I’ll probably do more of this in the future.