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Tri State Area Blizzard 2015: Nope

Posted on January 27, 2015 Comments

Today is my 26th birthday. I’ll be having a nice birthday ham with the family today after all, though I’ll be missing my girlfriend out of state.  Everyone thought today was going to be mayhem for the northeast — no power and  impossible to get out of the 30″ snow. I’m glad to report that it didn’t turn out that way. What was supposed to be a bad day has ended up being a relaxing one. Despite that we were fully prepared for the worst… stocked fridge with bread and milk, the generator was ready to go, flashlights, gas… but the worst never came.

I’m not mad about it at all. Predicting weather is extremely hard. Mother nature is complicated and volatile beast, and while weather patterns can be studied even the best meteorologist can still miss the mark. They are not wizards and should not be treated as such. I see people angrily making comments about how the national weather service lied, ridiculous claims about how global warming or climate change must be fake too. People are pissy since businesses closed or ramped up personnel for ‘no reason’, so they lost money and time. My response: deal with it. Take the day off, enjoy the snow. This could have been a disaster and it was not unreasonable to believe so given the data. Be thankful that it’s the only day you had to “suffer.” Would you have rather had the other outcome: 3 feet of snow with 65mph winds? How long out of business do you think you would have been then? It’s better that nothing happened… compared to trees falling on homes, people, or businesses, and people being days or weeks with no power.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the type of people who freak easily when the news media says the end is nigh. They revel a bit in the drama of having a catastrophic event to “look” for… even if they don’t admit it, as they over-prepare like it’s the end of the world, get crazy emotional, and stay glued to their TV screens. The anger for them today is about it not being the historic storm they thought it would be.  Tough, but you partly did it to yourself. This storm, like many before it that have been called incorrectly, is a lesson to not get worked up by media hype but to also not ignore potential imminent danger. Heed warnings, prepare, but also don’t freak and keep in mind that it really may not be as bad as predicted.

Everyone did the right thing: calling a state of emergency, preparing, and shutting down was the best course of action. The meteorologists and those in government shouldn’t get so much flack for it. We’re just human and the models we have only go so far; the weather model they were using nailed it right on the head in predicting the Sandy storm so they had even less a reason to believe that it would be incorrect. As for me… with college closed, I spent some of the afternoon yesterday enjoying the snow fall with my Syma X5C remote controlled quadcopter. I captured some really beautiful footage from the woods in our backyard. It was great to fly in and I’d love to do it in some other snowstorms this season.