I’m 26, living in New Jersey, attending college while running my business for more than 8 years now. I’ve been using computers and the internet since I was 11 years old and developed an early fascination for technology as a whole.  I could say I’m glued to the computer and tech — but I enjoy getting some actual sunlight when I find make time to break away.

I love to learn. I’ve dabbled in various programming languages, C/C++/Java/Python and many more I could name. My programming background is strongest in web development, particularly HTML5, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. I’m also a system administrator with experience in various flavors of Linux and Windows.

This blog serves as an organized archive for myself and others of the things I do, and my thoughts or ideas. Experiments in programming, tweaks, tips, and setting up system services/applications can be found here. Any code snippets written by me posted here are free to use for personal or business reasons, unless otherwise stated. From time to time, I’ll do hardware and software reviews, and post opinions (sometimes political) on tech related subjects.

Reach out to me at my business email: admin@jcink.com  if you have any questions, or leave a comment.

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“Either write things worthy reading, Or do things worth the writing.” – Ben Franklin