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Filtering WordPress Spam

Posted on January 5, 2015 Comments

I have gotten a ridiculous amount of spam since setting up this blog. I know hardly anyone is reading it since it’s just a personal; weblog, but the spammers have hopped on it like flies on honey so I get at least 15 spam comments per day or so. I did not bother to set up the Akismet anti-spam plugin in wordpress itself, so it’s my fault for being lazy.

However, I found a pretty easy way to block 95% of spam without it. This is the list I’m using, and as of this moment in the last month I have caught 535 spam comments using it, and only 30 of them have missed. I’ve provided my entire list below, some of it is not mine and I gathered it from others around the internet:

The most important part of this list is the very top one that I added myself: [/url], which is the end tag of a link BBCode. Once I added this it filtered so much crap.  This catches them because so many spam posts include it. Example:

Spammers are almost always trying to insert links and rarely does a user with a valid post on here do this, so the [/url] filter works for me. Though, your experience may vary. The ones it doesn’t catch look somewhat like this:

I think the goal of replies like this without links are to get bloggers to take the bait and approve them – that way they can come back and spam more links. A few of these though is really not a big deal when I’m catching hundreds of others.

I’ll update this post now and then as I refine my list.